Darholding Ltd Reports Portfolio Company Growth for 2016

BUDAPEST, Hungary, June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

DARHOLDING, the largest upstream Holding of corporations in Central Europe has closed an excellent year in 2016. The portfolio companies have achieved great results in biotechnology, flow chemistry, nano- and space technology.

THALESNANO (, the global leader of flow chemistry released its new H Cube Mini + benchtop hydrogenation unit, that aims to bring flow hydrogenation even further into the chemistry mainstream. It also won a EUR 4 million EU grant for its development projects.

COMINNEX ( the unique chemistry CRO for pharmaceutical early stage research has grown its revenue 30% from last year, securing multi-year contracts with major pharma companies while multiplying its EBITDA. INNOSTUDIO ( and COMZAT put a foothold on space technology by presenting its concepts and results at the very first symposium organized on Space Chemistry which was organized by the American Chemical Society.

AROMAX ( completed its 2 years reorganization period, and produced a 20% growth in sales revenue with a substantial increase in EBITDA.

AGROTHETIS ( enlarged its portfolio while some of its nanoized agrochem active ingredients entered into the open field assay phase.

DRUGGABILITY TECHNOLOGIES ( successfully closed two human clinical investigations on its nanoized pharmaceutical active ingredients.

NUFORMIX, (, a Cambridge based company with an unique technology for forming co-crystals for APIs is getting closer of being acquired by the UK stock listed Levrett Plc (; LVRT)  in a transaction that was announced in September 2016 ( )


Darholding Portfolio Company to List on LSE

BUDAPEST, October 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Darholding is pleased to announce that one of its portfolio companies, Nuformix, will list on the London Stock Exchange via a reverse takeover of Levrett PLC. Darholding was one of the founders, along with other private and institutional shareholders, in Nuformix, a company with proprietary co-crystallization technologies. Based in Cambridge, UK, Nuformix was founded in 2009 to unlock the therapeutic potential of approved drugs with lead programs in oncology supportive care and fibrosis. After successful early studies Nuformix sought a strategic partner and investor to take its programs further, which it found in the form of Levrett plc. Under the terms of the reverse takeover, announced on 15 September 2017, Levrett and Nuformix will merge and at the same time investors will place GBP 2.4 million of new capital in support of further developing the clinical studies.

Darholding is a Budapest based upstream innovation incubating organization with interests in scientific research in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, flavors and fragrances, laboratory instrumentation and chemistry development in Space. It operates globally through a network of companies who are all pioneers in their chosen field.

Gergely Darvas,
Investment Director, Darholding Ltd